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DevFest 2018

GDG Melbourne

Saturday 27th October 2018


Tickets on sale – $28.50! - SOLD OUT

Level 10, 111 Bourke St – Australia Post HQ

The Melbourne 2018 Devfest:

Interested in Android, Machine Learning, Flutter, Angular or other Google technologies?

Then don’t miss the 2018 DevFest: It’s a fun & welcoming conference, made for and run by developers. This year we are running a bigger event with 300 general attendees. We will be bringing together world-class speakers in Android, Web and ML technologies. The DevFest is powered by a shared belief that when developers come together to exchange ideas, amazing things can happen!

Organised by three awesome meetups; GDG Melbourne, Melbourne Tensorflow and Angular Melbourne we’ve got a talented line up of industry speakers to stimulate your mind.

Join a vibrant and diverse community where everyone can network, share knowledge and enjoy the experience. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional dev or feel like you’re new to this; we would love to have you with us! We’ll see you there


Interested in Google Cloud? GDG Cloud Melbourne will be running a Cloud Devfest on Saturday 24th November at REA. 
Buy your tickets now

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Android,, AR, IOT (Android Things)








AI, Machine Learning

Women Techmakers Breakfast

Identify as a woman and coming to the DevFest? Come to our (free!) Women Techmakers breakfast!

We also have Ruth Neech giving our Woman TechMaker Breakfast attendees a special keynote on building
culture in the workplace.


This will be held nearby on the morning of the conference and will allow you to network with some of our
female speakers and attendees over some great food and of course coffee.



Erin Zimmer

Shine Solutions

Erin is a senior developer working at the Shine Solutions in Australia. She has over ten years experience working in software development, but largely in languages nobody has ever heard of, like Model 204. If you see her at a conference, she’ll probably be the one knitting.

Elizabeth Stark


Elizabeth’s background is in computational mathematics but has provided consulting, analysis and project management to clients in government, environmental management, transport and others. Most of the time she works as Managing Director of Symbolix. They build custom data science and augmented intelligence tools, provide analysis services and support for other data-focussed teams – searching for elegant solutions to wicked problems.

Amanda Woo

Interesting By Default

Amanda is an entrepreneur and multiple hat-wearer but is best known for working with innovative companies to deliver big ideas, entice customers and disrupt industries with technology. In 2012, she founded Interesting By Default, a technology consultancy, followed by the co-founding of Criticide in 2017. Amanda has over 10 years experience in the technology industry partnering with other industry leaders in real estate, finance, insurance and more. Whilst she holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, she also has a passion for food, psychology and travel, having navigated her way through 30 countries.

Alex Danilo


Inventing-bent, computer scientist by day. In the past built the world’s fastest SVG engine which flies!
My work is in a number of different multi-million unit shipping products and if I have my way, it will end up being billions…

Mark McDonald


Mark is an engineer in Google’s Developer Relations team, where he acts as a liaison between external developers and internal engineering teams, building software to bridge any gaps. He has worked in the Google Brain team in California on TensorFlow & now spends his spare time teaching Googlers about machine learning and consults internally on how to use it effectively in products.

Orhan Obut


Orhan is Android Engineer at Atlassian and works on platform components. He is also Google Developer Expert on Android since 2015 and maintains multiple open source projects in GitHub.

Zhenya Li

Outware Mobile, part of Arq Group

Zhenya is an Android Developer who loves experimenting with new technologies. At work, he has recently been tinkering with ARCore, in anticipation of a world in which AR is everywhere. He enjoys good puzzles and exploring emerging AI tech to get a peek into the future.

Sarah-Jane Gallitz


Sarah is a software developer who writes great apps. She knows testing is at the heart of a stable system, and helps her team strike a balance between quality and velocity.
In her free time Sarah can usually be found hanging from the ceiling (via aerial silks) or playing board games.

 Ruth Pearson


Ruth has a PhD in cosmology, as well as a love of cats. Programming since the dawn of the early universe, Ruth brings an inhomogeneous set of skills to Silverpond. She is interested in using AI for human and veterinary medicine.

Isabell Kiral-Kornek


Isabell Kiral-Kornek has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Melbourne and joined IBM in 2015, where her research lies in developing neural networks for biomedical applications and neural modelling.

Tom Greenaway


Tom Greenaway is a developer advocate in the partner developer relations team. He works with external partners and a variety of Google product teams to create showcase integrations of what’s possible with Google’s technologies. The indexability of client-side rendered HTML and JavaScript-powered websites is a particular area of interest for him. Before joining Google he ran his own game development studio and created the award-winning mobile game “Duet” which was downloaded over 15 million times.

Brett Morgan


Brett is a developer relations engineer with Google Sydney, where he works on Google Maps APIs by day, and plays happily with Flutter by night. Brett has done everything from system administration of 25,000 user Solaris machines to designing e-commerce solutions for large Australian industrial suppliers.

Phil Nash


Phil is a developer evangelist for Twilio and a Google Developer Expert. He’s been in the web industry for 10 years building with JavaScript and Ruby. He can be found hanging out at meetups and conferences, playing with new technologies and APIs or writing open source code online. Sometimes he makes his own beer, but he’s more likely to be found discovering new ones around the world.

Chris Horner


I like to build Android apps with a strong focus on UX. One day I’ll make games.
Amy Kapernick

AimHigher Web Design

Amy is a freelance developer, starting her own business, working with other freelancers and learning everything she can about the web. She’s been a freelancer on the side for 4 years, and most recently worked at an agency in Subiaco.
Amy also spends her time helping out as a co-organiser for Fenders (a community group of front-end developers in Perth), other community events (such as Perth Web Girls) and works as an evangelist for YOW! Conference. She blogs in her spare time (about tech, the web and life), and volunteers as a reviewer for the Fringe World Festival in Perth. Amy has also started The Freelance Guide to help other freelancers.

Ellen Broad

Independent Data Consultant / Author

Author of Made by Humans: The AI Condition, Ellen Broad is an independent consultant and expert in data sharing, open data and AI ethics. She has worked in technology policy and implementation in global roles, including as head of policy for Open Data Institute and as manager of digital projects and policy for the International Federation of Library Associations & Institutions. In Australia, she ran the Australian Digital Alliance.

Chris Banes


Chris is an engineer working in Android Developer Relations at Google. He previously worked on the Android Support Libraries, most notably AppCompat, Design and Palette. He has worked on Android things for over 8 years, from open source libraries to media apps, social networks and most stuff in between.

Ankur Kotwal


Ankur is a developer advocate on the Google Cloud developer relations team, where he champions the developer experience on the Google Cloud Platform. Previously, Ankur lead the Google Maps developer relations team where he also helped launch the Google Maps APIs gaming offering. Ankur is also the product manager and a software engineer for Google Santa Tracker on Android, an annual tradition focusing on bringing holiday joy through fun and games.

Andrew Kelly


Andrew is a Google Developer Expert for Android and has been working with Android for the past 6 years. He’s given talks at conferences in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Chicago on topics ranging from Android Things to Google Assistant and Constraint Layout. Andrew is currently the Engineering Lead for Google technologies at Bilue, an agency based in Sydney Australia and he has worked on Android apps for ABC Triple j and Stan while at Bilue, and apps for Commonwealth Bank, eBay, BIG W and the Sydney Opera House during his time as a freelance Android developer.

Ciro Nunes


Ciro’s a front-end developer, speaker and trainer from Brazil. He has been using Angular and pushing its boundaries to develop from e-commerces to financial trading apps.
First recognised as an Expert for it’s work with the Brazilian community to teach Angular, he kept working his way into a world-wide influence, speaking on the largest conferences in Europe and South America.

Anton Ball

Seven West Media

Anton is a creative UX technologist who prides himself on the delivery of robust, high quality and technically beautiful web and software solutions. Throughout his career, he has been an innovative leader and responsible for definition, strategy and execution of such projects. A large part of his role is mentoring developers on the importance of structure, clean code, web standards, accessibility and optimised web development.

Arwen Griffioen, PhD


Arwen Griffioen is a data scientist at Zendesk, where she works on the team producing deep learning solutions for customer self-service. An Oregonian expat who has lived in Melbourne for the past seven years, Arwen is passionate about improving the status of under represented groups in STEM fields and applying machine learning to make the world a little bit better. She holds a PhD in machine learning with a minor in ecoinformatics.

Ruth Neech


Ruth is the Talent & Culture Manager at Bilue, a mobile and emerging tech agency based in Sydney, Australia.
As Talent & Culture Manager, Ruth is passionate about fostering a work environment that inspires creativity, quality and excellence.

Ruth has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Ancient History and a Masters in Art Therapy. 

Outside of work Ruth's interests are wine, reading biographies and travelling.

Adam Koch


Adam is a Developer Advocate based out of the Google Melbourne office working with top developers across Australia, Southeast Asia and India to bring the best of Google services and APIs to users everywhere. Adam has a passion for Android and all things mobile and focuses on mobile app design, UX, UI development and Android development best practices. More recently he has started to focus on the Google Assistant and Actions on Google platform as well as Firebase.

Kaz Sato


Staff Developer Advocate at Google Cloud. For machine learning and data analytics products, such as TensorFlow, Cloud ML and BigQuery, Kaz has been invited as a speaker at major events including Google Cloud Next, Google I/O, Strata, NVIDIA GTC and etc. Also, authoring many GCP blog posts, supporting developer communities for Google Cloud for over 8 years. He is also interested in hardwares and IoT, and has been hosting FPGA meetups since 2013.

Wilson Mendes


Wilson is a Google Developer Expert on Angular and Web Technologies and international speaker. He is passionate OSS contributor and active in the communities around Angular, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Workflow, web performance, security and Internet of things.

Ryan Hodgman

Outware Mobile, part of Arq Group

Ryan has been exploring what’s possible with the Android platform for the past four years, delivering exciting projects using uncommon functions like NFC and geofencing. Most recently he has started experimenting with ARCore, playing within the emerging AR medium to identify what patterns users engage with and to rapidly validate wild ideas. He sees conciseness as key to any good idea, and spends most of his spare time playing board games.

Mark Ng

Australia Post

Mark is the Android Platform Lead at AusPost who recruits and builds high performing teams that deliver top rated apps. He mentor graduates, provide in-house training, design and architect systems from front-end to back end, mange key stakeholders and consistently deliver successful projects from small to large.He has a passion for technology and innovation developing a patent on Digital ID and winning the hack day 3 times consecutively. 

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