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New Waitlist Policy

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

In the google building there is a limited amount of space, the events fill up very quickly and there is a huge waitlist. But many people who rsvp and get a free ticket don’t show up. So it is a difficult situation in which people that are here and want to participate cannot get in.

We are very aware of this and we’ve been discussing this internally for quite a while. For a few months we are going to experiment with a different way of managing this.

Our approach would be just like in the cinemas, we will advertise the event in advance, publish the day on which tickets will become available, but you won’t be able to sign up to get a space until the tickets get released. We will be releasing tickets a week before the event every time.

The reason we are doing this is, people mostly don’t know what they are doing 1-2 months in advance and a lot RSVP so that they don’t miss out on the space, but then when the meetup comes around, life happens, something comes up and they can’t make it.

We are trying to prevent that by letting you make the decision to commit a bit closer to the actual date.

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