Waitlist policy

GDG Melbourne

Event pagesMeetup.com events are published prior to the event, but many venues have hard capacity limits due to venue restrictions and safety regulations. For example the Google Melbourne office can only accommodate 85 – 90 people maximum in their shared event space.

Registering to Attend an Event – Attendees must RSVP yes on the Meetup.com event page. When you RSVP for a meetup.com event the result will be one of:

  • RSVPed Yes – This gets you a reserved seat for the event, but does not guarantee you entry.
  • Waitlisted – Attendance limit when reached will cause you to be Waitlisted for the event. 

If confirmed attendees pull out, you may receive an email promoting you from being Waitlisted to RSVPed Yes.  If you cannot attend an event please update your RSVP to No as soon as possible so others on the waitlist can get in.

GDG organisers and venue representatives also reserve the right to turn away anyone for violating our code of conduct, or any other inappropriate behaviour. Attendance is at the discretion of the GDG organisers and venue representatives.

Arrival Time (e.g. 6pm) – The event page will have a arrival time for the event, from which the doors open e.g. 6pm. You may not be able to get access earlier, so please try to arrive at this time or just after. We try to schedule the arrival time to allow everyone enough time to get to the venue, whilst not being too late. You should arrive between the Arrival time and the Waitlist entry time e.g. between 6 – 6:20pm. If not your place may be given away to a waitlisted person.

Wait List Entry Time (e.g. 6:20pm) – The event page will specify the time at which anyone on the Waitlist, who is at the venue, will be permitted in. The number of Wait Listed attendees permitted entry will be the number of RSVPed Yes people who have NOT turned up by this time. This is typically 10 min before the Start Time. For example if 5 people who RSVPed Yes to the event have not shown up by 6:20pm, then the first 5 Waitlisted people present at the event will be permitted entry. As a waitlister, you may elect to arrive at the venue and join the queue of Waitlisted people. However we cannot guarantee entry if there are not enough places are available.

Start Time (6:30pm) – The event page will note the start time for the event e.g. 6:30pm. This is the time we plan to kick off the formal agenda for the event.